Thermoforming Plastics

Having trouble finding a stock or off-the-shelf solution to your plastic packaging needs?  Partner with Sun America and we can take your product, study your process, and develop a specialized packaging solution that will fit your specific needs.  We have a range of plastic materials to meet your application and requirements.  From concept development, computer generated drawings, to physical prototypes, we are there for our business partners as a resource to help develop the packaging they need to get their products successfully to market.   Manufactured to the highest quality standards, our plastic products are designed to run at a high rate of efficiency through automated processes with the end result being the precision to which our customers depend.

We are manufacturing experts with years of plastic thermoforming experience.  On our 11 thermoforming lines, we can produce large trays, clamshells, and multi-cavity packs to small individual containers.

We work with a selection of resin-based substrates:

  • PET
  • RPET
  • Freezer grade PET
  • OPS
  • Freezer grade OPS

Available in custom mil thicknesses and standard colors of clear, natural, clear, black, and blue.


Contact us today to find out how we can start to develop your ideal packaging solution!