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Our Products

Green Environment Contributions

  • Raw materials are 100% recyclable
    • Includes paper, plastic, corrugated, pallets and metal
  • All trim and scrap produced during our process is recycled via programs with our suppliers
  • The plastic material used to make our products is 100% recyclable.
  • Plastic used can be made with % recycled material
  • Most of Sun America’s paper has a coating applied to it, to make it non-stick as well as impermeable (grease proof). But it is reported that paper cupcake and muffin liners are acceptable to be composted anyway.

We have a dedicated team managing the recycling of all our waste and we work closely with our suppliers of plastic to make a closed loop system – we gather the offal from the production of the plastic items, make the grind and return it to our suppliers who pick it up to re-use when delivering new material batches. The plastic we purchase has a % of grind incorporated. As the industry evolves and improvements are made in how end consumer mater is recycled, we will work with our plastic mills and adjust. All of our paper offal is recyclable.

We have worked closely together when customers have processing issues to help create solutions that ultimately help them reduce waste and increase their capacity.