Sun America is committed to being a company that is actively focused on green initiatives.  A top priority is the recycling of our waste.  We are proud to have established processes which facilitate 100% recycling of our paper, plastic, metal, wood, and corrugated scrap.


We continue to focus on reduction of our carbon footprint.

We believe strongly in the well-being of our employees. We provide training and growth opportunities from within and focus on maintaining our Food Safe certifications.  We are also an active member of our community in Alliance, Ohio.

With the growth of our business and expansion of the facility, all efforts were made to incorporate energy saving components and methods for our factory and the equipment to support green targets.



Green Environment Contributions

  • Energy
    • Investment in latest technologies for all equipment
      • Focus on efficient energy consumption
    • Building improvements
      • Grounds landscaping with lower maintenance costs
      • LED lighting throughout the plant
      • HVAC system upgrades and thermostat controls
      • Warehouse lighting improvements with sensor lighting controls
    • Office materials
      • Paper reduction through electronic records
      • Efficient printing equipment solutions

Our philosophy is to work with our customers as partners and problem solvers.  Our expertise is in 6sigma lean manufacturing and our leaders have a combined experience level of over 100 years.  Our specialty is customized solutions and products that meet the needs of our customers. We don’t create products just to fill a catalog and be available to anyone, but instead, work with our customers on items they need and develop the right tools and machinery to produce consistent top-quality product.

We are committed to supporting our customers’ sustainability goals with product innovations and have worked closely together when customers have processing issues to help create solutions that ultimately help them reduce waste and increase their capacity.