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Our Factory

Sun America believes strongly in the well-being of our employees and provides training and growth opportunities from within our company.  Dedication, team spirit and accomplishments are seen every day at Sun America.

In 2020 we announced new additions to our factory that brought the number of production machines to ten including two state-of-the-art GN 800s.  This latest investment brings increased thermoforming capacity that will allow greater flexibility to serve higher demands as our customers grow. 

  • Raw materials are 100% recyclable
    • Includes our paper and plastic along with the corrugated, pallets and metal that we use
  • All trim and scrap produced during our process is recycled via programs with our suppliers
  • Sun America invested in plastic grinders to manage and grind the excess from the thermoforming process and prepare it for return to our suppliers – we manage a loop system;  we grind the plastic, they bring a new order of plastic and pick up and take back the grind to use in their production.

With the growth of our business and expansion of the factory, all efforts were made to incorporate energy saving components and methods for our factory and our equipment to support green targets. We were able to reduce the amount of paper consumption by adopting electronic records and updating our printing equipment. We also replaced the lighting systems in the factory with new LED lighting throughout and updated our HVAC systems and thermostat controls. Lastly, we updated our warehouse with new sensor lighting controls to save on energy consumption.